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Everyone wants to find those perfect vacation destinations. Yet the amount of material offering reviews and information on various destinations can be overwhelming at times. Whether it is choosing between vacation spots on the beach, finding great cities to explore arts, culture or history, picking a place to explore nature, or deciding which European country is the best for your backpacking adventure, you want a concise, trustworthy source of information to compare vacation spots and choose the right place for you. You need to know whether a potential destination is within you budget while offering all the experiences you are hoping for. You also want to know how one vacation spot compares to other similar locations.

We designed Travel Battle to help you sort through different vacation spots so you can choose your destinations with ease. Travel Battle offers loads of information on all the hottest vacation spots, from beaches to cities to countries. With the information provided you should be able to choose destinations fairly quickly. At our site you can get information on attractions, amenities, culture, and much more for all these locations. In short, Travel Battle is a compendium of all the information you need to know before picking a destination. This avoids the problem of having to scan through multiple websites to compare different travel destinations.

We have even done one better. We realize that no matter how much information we throw at you, at the end of the day sometimes it is very hard to pick a vacation spot. Because of this problem, we offer another feature to help you decide a vacation destination when the information we have is not enough. Unlike traditional vacation review websites, Travel Battle is unique in that users can post battles between two cities. One you set up a destination battle, other users can vote on which destination is superior. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing where to spend your money on a vacation. To set up a travel battle, simply type in the two cities you wish to compare. After this, voters on the website will let you know which place they prefer. Its that simple.

Another unique feature on our website that is not available on other travel websites is the Top List, which can be found on the navigation bar. On the Top List, we sort out the various destinations we review on Travel Battle and let you know how they currently stack up. This offers a quick, handy reference for a last-minute travel plan, or if you are just curious about how cities compare to each other. The Top List has separate lists for cities, countries and other locations. You can also compare different statistics within each type of destination. We know choosing a vacation destination is hard work. We know you are choosy about where to spend your hard-earned dollars on a vacation. So use Travel Battle to help plan your next vacation. And may the best vacation spot win!